Mount Rinjani Trekking 3 Days 2 Nights Summit Tour Package

Mount Rinjani Trekking 3 Days 2 Nights Summit Tour Package Details and Schedule

The Mount Rinjani trekking 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package tour is one of the popular journeys loved by tourists. It is a perfect choice for you who have a better health condition and great level of fitness.

This option gives you the complete experience of exploring the Rinjani mountain and it’s crater. It is because you can do all kinds of activities that a mountain has to offer.

What are those activities? These are varied from enjoying the summit, bathing in it’s lake, trekking to both of the crater rims, bathing in a hot spring, up to camping.

Camping is also a lovely attraction from this Mount Rinjani trekking 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package because you can witness the breathtaking nature. Besides that, you will be able to watch the amazing sunset and sunrise too.

The Highlights

This tour is located in Lombok, Indonesia, which is known as the most beautiful islands in this tropical country. As it is named, the duration is “3 days 2 Nights” that is more than enough to create a memorable journey.

Several highlights that you will get from this tour are the Sembalun Lawang, Rinjani Rim 2 Sembalun, summit, crater lake, hot spring, rim 2 Senaru, And Senaru Village.

The type of this Mount Rinjani trekking 3 Days 2 Night summit Tour Package is a private service which means it is only you with your groups. We will not mix or insert another member (outside of your group) on this trip.

The minimum participant is two person and you should know that this trip level is moderate to advance. That is why; we recommend you to do it when you are in a good health condition.

Sembalun Village will be our starting point and it will be ended in Senaru village. It means that you have an opportunity to witness and feel the genuine life of these villages too.

Overall, the total length is for about 27.5km. Mean while, the total trekking time is around 29 hours from the start up to the end. Our team will make sure that everything can be done properly.

This Rinjani trekking 3D2N summit Tour Package activity will take you to some amazing areas that this mountain has. Besides that, the track is also beautiful because you will cross the lush forest.

Mount Rinjani Trekking 3 Days 2 Nights Summit Tour Package Itinerary

This trip can be started either from Sembalun Lawang or Senaru Village. You are able to choose it and let us know about your decision.

Here are the sample of the itineraries. This itinerary is if you take a Mount Rinjani trekking 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package trip from Sembalun ascent route, so check this out.

  1. Day 0

On this day, the participants will get the free pick-up service from many different locations in Lombok. Those are like in South and West Lombok, the airport, Bangsal, Senggigi or the other points.

Make sure to call us and inform about that. Then you will be taken to Senaru Village to sperm a night tgere. The free accommodations are included where it will use the local guest house or hotel.

At the night, briefing and meeting service will be held. It is needed to make a better preparation and make sure no one will left behind.

Make sure to learn everything properly so that this Mount Rinjani trekking 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package can be done smoothly. After that, please have a good rest because trekking activity is going to be done tomorrow.

  1. Day 1

In the next day (day 1), you should wake up at around 6 am and have a breakfast after that. See menus are available where you may choose it based on your liking.

The Mount Rinjani trekking 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package is started by having a trip by car. It will need one hour drive and then stop for a while. It is needed to foster with the authority.

After that, you have arrived in Sembalun. You will start to hike the mountain. After 3 up to 4 hours, we can stop for a while to have lunch.

4 hours after that, you will reach a. Pretty crater rim which is located 2639 meters above the sea level. It is a perfect location to see the lake, crater, and also a place to camp for the night.

Before going to bed, you will be served with the dinner. After that, you have to take a rest so that tomorrow you’ll have a good stamina.

  1. Day 2

In the second day of this Mount Rinjani trekking 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package, you have to wake up at about 2 am in the morning. The a light breakfast is going to be served by our crews.

Hiking is started to go to the Rinjani summit. It takes for about 3 hours trekking or more because it depends on how we walk. Once you reached the peak, it is the time to do several activities.

Those are like taking the beautiful photo of sunrise, seeing volcano from a distance, and more. After that, we should start descent until reaching the camp area.

In that camp area, you can relax, take a break, and have a snack which has been prepared. When you are ready and all the energy has been recharged, it is the time to go descent again.

The next destination of this Mount Rinjani trekking 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package is the lake. It takes 3 hours from that camp area and once you arrived in the lake, lunch is being served there.

After enjoying your lunch, you can visit the natural hot spring and take a bathe there. It is great to clean yourself and chill at the same time because this hot spring is so comfy.

Done with that, you will begin to ascend toward the 2nd crater rim. It can be reached within 2 hours trekking and dinner is going to be served there while you are able to witness the sunset too.

Besides that, it also becomes a location of camping. This rim is located at more than 2460 meters altitude so that the scenery is lovely.

  1. Day 3

This is the last day of Mt Rinjani trek 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package trip. On this day, the participants have to wake up at around 7 am to have breakfast and getting ready to descend the mountain.

It takes for about 4 hours long until you arrive at the lunch spot. Take your time to enjoy lunch there and after that, then journey is continued through the amazing lush jungle. You will reach the Senaru village after that where the duration of this trekking is 3 hours.

In this location, our pick up car will take you and your luggages to your next destination in Lombok. Those destinations are like the Gili Islands, airport, beach, resorts, harbor, etc. You can inform about it when you booked this trip.

The Inclusion of this 3 Days 2 Nights Rinjani Trek summit trip

Several things have been included on this Mt Rinjani trek 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package journey. Those things or inclusions are as follows:

  1. Tour guide (English speaking)
  2. Local porters (the amount of porters depend on how big your group is)
  3. Tent for every 2 participants.
  4. Sleeping bag and mattress
  5. Drinking water (it is given per person per day)
  6. 3 times hot meals every day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  7. Hot drinks (coffee or tea)
  8. Toilet tebt
  9. Cooking gears
  10. Transportation to pick you up and drop off
  11. Entrance fee to the Rinjani National Park

It is for sure that several aspects are excluded for this Mt Rinjani trek 3 Days 2 Nights summit Tour Package The example is like optional tips for the porters and guide.

Besides that, the travel insurance is also excluded. That is why; it is recommended to complete yourself with travel insurance from a trusted company. Some equipments are also excluded. Those are the head lamp, pants, and trekking shoes. Make sure that you bring it by your self.

What to Prepare and Bring

During this Mt Rinjani trek 3 Days 2 Night summit Tour Package there are some goods which need to be prepared, bring, or wore. Here are the lists of those goods for you:

  • Shoes which is the hiking or running shores. Make sure it has a good grip.
  • Small backpack to put some clothes, camera, etc
  • Long pants because the temperature is cold at high altitude
  • Warm jacket. If you down have one, you may rent it on the spot
  • Head lamp (the rent one is also available)
  • Sun block, camera, sun glasses, light rain coat, t-shirts, shorts
  • Easy dry towel
  • Insect repellent and hat

These are the common things which people are always brought. Those will make your Mount Rinjani trekking 3 Days 2 Night summit Tour Packages feels more secure and comfortable.

Please know that this activity cannot be accessed by wheel chair. Furhermore, this your can be canceled at anytime if the weather is bad or unable to do an outdoor trekking.

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